How to Build a GitHub Bot

GitHub provides a great platform for collaborating. You can take it to the next level by creating custom GitHub bots. By delegating some of the chores to a bot, you get to spend more time developing your project and collaborating with others.

Learn how to automate your workflow by building a personal GitHub assistant for your own project. We’ll use a framework called octomachinery to write a GitHub bot that does the following:

The best part is, you get to do all of the above using Python 3.7 as the framework heavily relies on some of its features!

This tutorial is heavily based on Build-a-GitHub-Bot Workshop by Mariatta Wijaya which she first presented at PyCon US 2018. Yet, current version uses a bit more higher level approaches to abstract some implementation details away from programmers and help them focus on the business logic part.

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The original tutorial has been written by Mariatta Wijaya, is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0 and adopted to use octomachinery framework as a basis for exercises by Sviatoslav Sydorenko.